Westmoreland County Airshow 2013


The 2014 Westmoreland Air Show was held on June 7th and June 8th, 2014.

Sorry you missed the Blue Angels?  They'll be back in the summer of 2015.  Check this page for future updates.

Blue AngelsOnce again, 1480 WCNS Radio and www.1480wcns.com, has been authorized by the APRA executive director Gabe Monzo to broadcast The Westmoreland County Air Show June 7th and 8th 2014.

The award winning broadcast features live narration of every performance, interviews with pilots and up to date traffic & parking information. 

Dow Carnahan, Mike Krcil and Chuck Campbell  contribute to the broadcast coverage. 2014's show was headlined by the US Navy Blue Angels. The other 2014 Air Show performers include….…

  • The Army Golden Knight Parachute Demonstration Team conquering the skies as the world’s best parachute team.
  • Raiders Demo Team performing a rare and thrilling 3 aircraft formation aerobatic demonstration.
  • Geico Skytypers flying vintage WWII aircrafts writing messages in the sky.
  • Aerobatic Pilot Matt Chapman flying his stunning Embry-Riddle Eagle 580.
  • Jacquie B Air shows featuring Jacquie Warda flying her beautiful Red Extra 300.
  • Also, Andrew McKenna who operates the spectacular North American P-51D Mustang that was the US air-superiority fighter during WWII.
Blue Angels  Arnold Palmer at Airshow
John Longo with Lt. Ryan Chamberlain and
 Lt. Commander Cheng of the Blue Angels.
Lt. Chamberlain will be heard on the
WCNS Air Show radio live broadcasts
narrating the Angels performances.

John Longo and Lt. Commander Michael Cheng.
Lt. Commander Cheng and John Longo
will be heard at the 2014 Air Show Briefing.
Blue Angels  Arnold Palmer at Airshow
Blue Angels! Arnold & Mrs. Palmer with John Longo
Greg Zahornacky
Arnold Palmer Airport Executive Gabe Monzo USO Girls
Gabe Monzo, Airport Executive Director,
with John Longo and
Greg Zahornacky
USO Girls with a birthday kiss
for WCNS Intern Greg Maxwell
Westmoreland County Airshow WCNS truck at Westmoreland Airshow
The World's Shortest Runway WCNS Truck at Airshow
Golden Knight WCNS Live Broadcast
WCNS Intern with Army Golden Knight WCNS Live Broadcast at Airshow


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