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Nancy Rusbosin - Rusbosin FurnitureWhy Radio?  It has the capability to reach 98% of people within its coverage area. Yet, it can target select demographics. It’s available 24 hours a day.  It is heard safely, hands free in the car, truck, bus, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, porch, garage and workshop, at work and play. It provides instant access to changing events. It’s personal.

Radio allows you to choose DJs playing the best music, broadcasts of the news, weather, delays and enjoyment of the play by play of your hometown teams. It’s an instant emergency responder. Those “tests” you hear are for real.  It provides free announcements to hundreds of local civic and church organizations.  It contributes to the economy. 

The success of a community dedicated radio station is built upon the relationship with its advertising clients.

Advertiser Nancy Rusbosin
of Rusbosin Furniture

We understand our client’s customers are influenced by a selling message prepared and produced at a reasonable price, then scheduled properly.  

We have a lean but very experienced staff of broadcasters, writers & producers. The goal is to help advertisers grow their business with radio marketing.  We offer a mix of Frequency Schedules and News, Weather & Sports sponsorships or an appropriate community service campaign.  Plus, there are client hosted talk block shows.

WCNS has invested in production music & effects to result in “one of a kind” selling messages.  The newest ingredient to our production staff is the relationship with a group of nine professional women & men national voices for commercial production and a tenth “voice” of the station. In some cases, sports celebrities are also available to do voiceovers. Many of our clients are coached to be their own talent.   

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